Fatherhood²: Dear Morrisons – Dads Aren’t All Morons

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3 Responses

  1. The problem is that I am such a fecking eejit that I have taken half a dozen photos of nappy packets over thelast few months and now I can’t remember which one I should be looking at. No more Brownie points for me.

  2. BarbaraMc says:

    What a palaver about such a SMALL thing – I’m sure it was just a lighthearted attempt to put the point across. Surely there are more important things to worry about in life, assuming you always get the right size nappies – I would probably forget them altogether, but I can rfead a map, and I’m getting up to speed with SATNAV – so what does that make me ?

  3. If I struggle to remember what sort of nappies to buy, how am I supposed to know how to use my smartphone? It’s like I’m being expected to multi-task, this is such an overload that I think I’m going to freak out. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!!!!!!!

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