Fatherhood: Time to put the book down? Not as easy as it seems..

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  1. Man vs Pink says:

    I hadn’t even considered this. One of the surprising things about becoming a parent has been engaging in the hitherto unknown to me children’s books, and appreciating the craft and inventiveness that can make them great (e.g.. Donaldson), or crap (I refuse to read Peppa Pig books anymore). This will be a sad day when I will stop discovering new ones with/for my daughter :(

  2. Ben Elliss says:

    How funny – I saw the Scarecrows’ Wedding poster at Waterloo station yesterday and very similar thoughts went through my mind! Will (11) and Sophie (8) are well beyond those books now too. But on the big plus side, we are still reading bedtime stories to them – often books at exactly the same level they read to themselves (sometimes more advanced ones too, though). So the books change, but the reading continues – and that is something to celebrate.

    On a related note, the same thing happens to the places you visit. We used to visit The Mad House (soft play) all the time – but over time it became less common. Last week I was driving to B&Q and I thought ’Surely time for a Mad House trip soon!’ – only to realise the kids are WAY too old for that now. Funny – they just outgrow things without you even noticing :-(

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