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Want to know what I think of stuff?  From books to films, toys and games, and even the occassional gift. I should warn you: I am  rubbish at reviews.


Review – BenQ e-Reading Lamp

When I was first sent the BenQ e-Reading lamp to review, I was struck with a burst of inspiration. The e-Reading lamp is especially designed to be ideal for desks, making reading from electronic...


Review – Hassle the Hof(meister)

As I occasionally mention when starting off my better reviews, the novelty of having a brand asking whether they can send me their product to try still hasn’t worn off, 6 years in. And...


Bugs and Slugs and Toads, Oh My!

Last weekend we were up in Hereford, spending my birthday weekend with our extended family. It’s almost an annual tradition in our house, and one of my favourite weekends of the year – and...


Review – YourDesign custom merchandise

Over the past year, I’ve become a huge fan of a particular item of clothing: namely, the obscure reference t-shirt. You might not know an obscure reference when you see it – that is,...