Henry’s map

Hello visitor! Could you send me a photo of yourself… somewhere interesting!?

I’m doing a bit of a photo-project type social media sort of thing, possibly for a future presentation, possibly a blog, maybe just for fun. I want everyone who I know to send me a photo of themselves in an interesting location around the world. I’m then going to upload them to my special Flickr map, with the aim of trying to cover as much of the world as possible.

There’s no real *reason* as such, it’s just a bit of an experiment / interesting bit of fun – a spare-time project I hasten to add.

The specifications are: The photo should ideally only contain you and the location (i.e. no other people – so I can get as many as I can!), and you have to tell me where it was taken as accurately as possible so I can plot it on the map.

If possible, add a sentence of text when you e-mail it – a little sentence about why you were there, or what it means to you, or anything interesting really.

You can send it to me on this address