Fatherhood²: Are Celebrity Parenting Awards an Insult to Regular Parents?

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  1. Luschka says:

    Love this post. You are so right. I’m afraid if KP or PA are what parenting is all about, I’m happy to be doing it all wrong. Colour me jugemental :p

  2. neal call says:

    The real Catch-22 to this idea, for me, is this:

    I’m most impressed with a celebrity parent who drops out of the limelight to focus on parenting. But then they’re not really a celebrity anymore. And they don’t make it onto lists, because they don’t make good headlines.

    Still, I’m having a hard time coming up with ANY famous dads who have minimized their line of work in order to focus on dadding. But it’s not nearly so hard to find actresses, for instance, who just stopped acting for five or ten years as they raised their young kids. It’d be cool to see a dad who put being a father above being a celebrity. Maybe they’re out there and I just haven’t heard?

  3. Terrie says:

    I’m with you! Whydoes parenting deserve any awards, it’s what we all do naturally to preserve the dignity and worth of the human race, besides whis, it’s mostly fun!

  4. Simon Cullum says:

    Indeed, it is insulting to us ‘non-celebs’ (& probably also to celeb parents that didn’t make the list (a blessing in disguise for them)).  It has to be the most pointless, pathetic tacky award in the history of awards, right across the universe!
     Now if the award was open to all parents, regardless of their fame & fortune, with a judging panel of suitably qualified representatives from society, then just maybe it would mean something to win.

  5. Love this post. I know some of them might actually be lovely parents but there are some very questionable one’s who get drunk on day time TV and are given awards for overcoming their bad behaviors. What about real parents who tow the line day after day knowing that someone is relying totally so they cant afford to slip even once.

  1. May 23, 2014

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